Welcome to EPIC Celebrations.

EPIC Celebrations is a leading event service company, we produce parties, weddings, corporate and non-profit events each year in Southern California. Specializing in event services & wedding management, for more than 20 years, we've been making our clients vision come to a reality with the right expertise at the right price. Our staff has over 20 years of experience to make your next event the most memorable.


EPIC Events has a long history of partnering up with organizations, large and small, to execute corporate functions of any size or scope. Our team of event specialists in Southern California can provide the rental items and design expertise for your next event.

Corporate Event Rentals & Design by EPIC Celebrations produces custom-created event dÃÃ'ƒÃÂ'Ã'ƒÃƒ'ÃÂ'Ã'ƒÃƒÃ'ƒÃÂ''Ã'ÃÂ'Ã'ƒÃƒÃ'ƒÃÂ'Ã'ƒ'ÃÃ'ƒÃÂ''Ã'ÃÂ'Ã'ƒÃƒÃ'ƒÃÂ'Ã'ƒÃƒ'ÃÂ'Ã'ƒÃƒÃ'ƒÃÂ'''ÃÃ'ƒÃÂ'Ã'ƒ'ÃÃ'ƒÃÂ''Ã'ÃÂ'Ã'ƒÃƒÃ'ƒÃÂ'Ã'ƒÃƒ'ÃÂ'Ã'ƒÃƒÃ'ƒÃÂ''Ã'ÃÂ'Ã'ƒ'ÃÃ'ƒÃÂ'Ã'ƒÃƒ'ÃÂ'Ã'ƒÃƒÃ'ƒÃÂ'''ÃÃ'ƒÃÂ'Ã'ƒ'ÃÃ'ƒÃÂ''Ã'ÃÂ'Ã'©cor packages every year. From the super-hip lounge to the kitschy party theme, from the interactive mixer to the highly branded meeting, we can assist in taking your environment and and your return on the event investment to the next level. We even provide custom floral design, lighting and fabric treatments for your next corporate event. Contact our Southern California corporate event experts to learn how we can help you develop the perfect atmosphere for your next event.


EPIC Celebrations is always honored to help make our clients' very special day perfect! We're with you every step of the way--we pamper, cater, and guide you through all the highs and lows of wedding planning. We pay very close attention to your wants, your desires, and your needs. We listen, brainstorm, and troubleshoot. Sometimes we'll be the voice of reason, a sounding board, a brain to pick, someone to vent to, or a shoulder to cry on. But most importantly, we just want to make the process as painless as possible, and ultimately help you plan a perfect day!

We have contacts and connections with some of the top-featured vendors in the industry, recognized for their work on popular wedding sites such as The Knot, Brides, Wedding Wire, and Martha Stewart Weddings, just to name a few.

We also have over 15 years in Corporate America, specializing in event planning, brand management, and direct mail. This experience gives your wedding the business expertise that's needed when negotiating your contracts, developing your budget, creating your wedding brand, or direct mailing your invites. We bring all of it to you for your dream wedding.

We would love to be a part of and share in your special day! Hopefully we'll have a chance to work with each and every one of you, but if we don't, we truly wish you the most wonderful day of your life!


Epic Celebrations prides ourselves on customer service and commitment to make your event amazing. Below are a few testimonials for you to review.

My surprise 40th Birthday was the most amazing party I have ever seen. Surprised on all the details and I was just blown away by how professional you all were. Thank you, Robyn Williams

Appointing Epic Celebrations for our wedding coordinator was the best decision we could have ever made for our special day. They made sure that we did not have a single worry throughout our whole planning process. He put his heart and soul in making sure that my wife and I had our dream wedding. To top it all off, he had a smile on his face throughout the whole thing. They are most definitely sent from above!!! Greg Gojkovich

For over 30 years of living in my place in Tustin, CA. I have decided to put on a backyard party for some friends. I was reluctant in doing so because I wanted everything to be done but I didn't want to do it myself. Through a friend, I hired Epic Celebrations for my first Super Bowl Party and they took care of it all. From the set up to the transformation of my backyard you all made it fun for all. Cleanup and tear down was fast and gone. It was like, I never had a party after everyone has left. You all were the best at what you did, Jerry Wright

Epic Celebrations made my dream wedding come true without any stress. You all are reliable and always responds in a timely manner. They really listened to our wishes for the wedding, it was almost like planning his own wedding, and he took his job very seriously. Even our vendors were very impressed with James and his organizational skills. We couldn%u2019t have picked a better planner for our wedding! Epic Celebrations made our day that much more beautiful because we could actually enjoy it without any stress at all! Meli G.


Day of the Event - Event Manager Only

Includes: 1-2hr pre-event meeting session, 4 hrs of staff of 1 for day of the event

Event Manager only - $600

Day of the Event Package

Includes: 2-2 hr pre-event meeting sessions, 4-1hr phone conversations and staff of 2 for a full day of event management, prep, celebration and clean up.

10-15 table reception - $1500

15-25 table reception - $2500

25-35 table reception - $3500

Amazing Event Package

Includes: 10-2 hr pre-event meeting sessions, managing all venders, 10-1hr phone conversations and staff of 3 for a full day of event management, prep, celebration and clean up.

10-15 table reception - $4500

15-25 table reception - $5500

25-35 table reception - $6500

Epic Celebration Event Package - Call for Pricing

Includes: Unlimited pre-event meeting sessions, managing all venders, unlimited phone conversations and staff for a full day of event management, prep, celebration and clean up.